Background document on policies and regulations for grid-balancing service

The deliverable 2.3 “Background document on policies and regulations for grid-balancing service” collects relevant information and data regarding directives, policies and regulations for the hydrogen production through the water electrolysis in power to gas processes aiming to compensate for the discontinuity of renewable energy generation and for grid-service applications.
This document discusses regulations and interactions with policy makers and local authorities of different European regions and addresses issues, gaps, barriers, education and market potentials to drive future policy on this energy technology.
The activity of this task is addressed to:

  • Regulations for using electrolysers in grid service applications;
  • Energy policies aiming to increasing the use of hydrogen technologies as well as the share of renewable energy sources by the electrical grid;
  • An analysis of the normative dealing with hydrogen production in grid-balancing service.

The specific contents are concerning with:

  • Definition of new policies regarding the energy efficiency and storage related to the use of electrolysis over the short- and long-term.
  • Definition of specific requirements for achieving highly distributed electrolysis systems.
  • Comparison of different utility business models to demonstrate the feasible integration of electrolysers, along with the renewable energy sources, in the transmission line.
  • Quantification of the impacts arising from the storage through water electrolysis on the utility system.
  • Monitoring the implementation of the Directive on the Deployment of Alternative Fuels Infrastructure (DAFI 2014/94/EU) and any other directive on alternative fuels in the countries of the HPEM2GAS partners.
  • The implementation of the hydrogen technologies in National Policy Frameworks or Regional Energy Plans.

The general aim of this activity is to provide policy makers and local authorities with relevant information and data so they can design appropriate measures to accelerate the energy storage and the efficient implementation of energy technologies with particular regard to hydrogen and water electrolysis penetration into the market. The full report can be read here


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