The HPEM2GAS project will interact with other initiatives, current and past research projects like these:

untitled ELY4OFFThe strategic goal of the ELY4OFF is the design and engineering of a robust, flexible, highly efficient and cost-competitive PEMWE, directly coupled to RES generation.
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logo_completo SOL2HY2

SOL2HY2 is about hydrogen production by water decomposition powered by
solar energy. The project focuses on applied bottle-necks solving
materials research, development and demonstration of the relevant key
components of the solar-powered, CO2-free hybrid water splitting cycles.
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ITM developed their first alkaline hydrogen carbon membranes in the UK consortium,
Technology Strategy Board funded project. These formed the basis for subsequent ITM internally
funded research and alkaline membranes
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IRD is developing high-performance MEAs containing novel catalysts, GDL
and short-side-chain PFSA membrane and ionomer. Significantly, improved utilisations of the catalyst,
durability and ability to operate at challenging temperature and humidity conditions have been demonstrated.
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 electrohypem Electrohypem

Experience acquired with development of proton exchange membranes based electrolyser will  be in part translated to HPEM2GAS especially in terms of innovative membrane and catalyst components, bipolar plates, stack design, procedures and protocols for water electrolysis
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 hpem2gas-adel ADEL

The collaborative research project ADEL (ADvanced ELectrolyser for Hydrogen Production with Renewable Energy Sources) focused on the development of cost-competitive, energy efficient and sustainable hydrogen production based on renewable energy sources.
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