Building, safety and compliance testing and factory acceptance test of the electrolyser unit

The final objective of the HPEM2GAS project is to demonstrate an innovative PEM electrolyser at the Emden Council in Germany to assess the stack’s and system’s robustness to cope with dynamic situations under real-life conditions and to validate achievement of TRL6 for the developed system in a field test campaign. The generated hydrogen is fed into the gas feed station via an underground pipeline. The hydrogen has to pass through a regulator section in which the pressure is reduced from 20 bar to 9 bar. A reduction of the pressure is necessary because SWE’s gas
network is operated at 8.5 bar. The hydrogen then enters a mixer to mix the feeding volume with the natural gas.

The unit has completed the build phase and has undergone FAT testing as detailed in this report. Following on from the successful completion of this acceptance testing then unit has been transported to Germany where it has been integrated into the whole system (plant), commissioned and tested and is undergoing TUV approval prior handover to SWE for the commencement of the field trial.

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