High performance nanostructured Ir-Ru-oxide electro-catalyst – by CNR

CNR-ITAE has recently developed high performance nanostructured Ir-Ru-oxide electro-catalysts with core-shell structure. This electrocatalyst when operated with stabilized Aquivion® membranes and ionomers developed by Solvay Specialty Polymers has  allowed to achieve an electrolysis current density of 3 A cm-2 at a cell potential <1.8 V (>80% enthalpy efficiency) with a low catalyst loading (<0.34 mg cm-2) while showing more than 4000 h stable performance (<8 µV/h degradation rate).

The results obtained at CNR also indicate that a high oxidation state for Ir along with a hydroxylated surface can reduce the overpotential of the oxygen evolution process at a specific current density.  Changes of the Ir chemical oxidation state on the surface during prolonged operation are also relevant in determining the performance and durability of the electrolysis system.

CNR-ITAE anode electrocatalyst surrounded by a stabilised Solvay Aquivion® ionomer (see below)

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