HPEM2GAS at conferences

The first results related to the HPEM2GAS project have already been presented/disseminated among – mostly – the relevant scientific community. In particular:

  • Presentation at the InGEC & EmHyTeC conference in Tunis May 2016
  • Presentation at the 21st  WHEC 2016 conference in Zaragoza, Spain
  • Presentation at the Materials.it 2016
  • Publication: Siracusano, S., Baglio, V., Van Dijk, N., Merlo, L., Aricò, A.S. Enhanced performance and durability of low catalyst loading PEM water electrolyser based on a short-side chain perfluorosulfonic ionomer (2016) Applied Energy, DOI: 10.1016/j.apenergy.2016.09.011

Future events/participation at conference in 2017:

  • ICE 2017, June in Copenhagen DK
  • Hypothesis XII, June in Siracusa IT
  • 6th European PEFC & Electrolyser Forum, July in Lucerne ZW
  • 7th World Hydrogen technology, July in Prague CZ
  • Euromat 2017, September in Thessaloniki GR

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