IRD Fuel Cells A/S. is a small independent high technology company devoted to the development and production of fuel cell and electrolyser materials, MEAs and components. IRD operates internationally through its own organisation and through daughter companies, associates and licensees. The core competencies of the company include various ink/slurry mixing equipment and coating production at all scales of electrode assembly production from prototype to full-scale production. The production facility at IRD Fuel Cells A/S is capable of manufacturing CCM (Catalyst Coated Membrane), GDE (Gas Diffusion Electrodes), and MEAs for PEM (Polymer Electrolyte Membrane) fuel cells, PEM electrolysers and DMFC (direct methanol) fuel cells. IRD offers fuel cell electrode components. IRD has demonstrated its capability of up-scaling processes, so that large-scale commercial production is established on the basis of manufacturing processes related to development phases. The IRD R&D programmes include the development of materials and MEAs for LT-PEMFCs, DMFCs and PEM electrolysers. The IRD PEMEC development was initiated in 2010 in the PrimoLyzer project where a cost-minimised, highly efficient and durable 1 Nm3/h PEM-Electrolyser stack was designed based on in-house developed PEMEC MEAs. IRD coordinated the PrimoLyzer project. Developed stack components are verified in prototype stacks and micro-sized modules. IRD’s current and future organisation, infrastructure, and production capacity is insured through TREFOR, who acquired the full ownership of IRD in October 2014.

Country: Denmark

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