Hochschule Emden Leer

The University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule) Emden/Leer consists of four faculties. Among these the faculty of technology is by far the largest one. At the university a total of 4,600 students are enrolled in 22 Bachelor- and 8 Master courses. The mission statement of HSEL emphasizes the importance of research and development with focus on sustainable development. This includes the development and optimization of environmentally benign technologies in the area of energy process technologies.

Development topics with focus on energy and environmental technology are covered by the EUTEC institute which is a research institute of HSEL. EUTEC was founded about 20 years ago and conducted numerous research and development projects. Those projects are usually financed by public institutions (e.g. German Environmental Fund, State of Niedersachsen, EU, German Federal Ministry of Research, German Federal Ministry of Economics) of by private partners from industry.

Website: www.hs-emden-leer.de
Country: Germany

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