Stadtwerke Emden GmbH

The Stadtwerke Emden GmbH is the regional power supply company of the city of Emden. For about 150 years the citizens of Emden are getting supplied with natural gas, for about 115 years with water and 88 years with electrical energy.

In the area of renewable energies the SWE are always at the frontline. The self-set objectives are to ensure that by the end of 2030 energy from every sector is based on renewables and therefore completely “green”. To achieve these targets the Stadtwerke Emden are now using renewable energy technologies for more than 20 years and try to expedite the energy efficiency process.

For more than almost 4 years, the Stadtwerke Emden are working together with the University of Emden, making them more than one service and training company for commercial or technically interested people. This makes clear that the Stadtwerke Emden move beyond its borders to teach students important subject-related and partly unique impressions.

Country: Germany

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