Preparations for the HPEM2GAS field test by Stadtwerke Emden GmbH and Hochschule Emden/Leer

The pre-construction in the project HPEM2GAS has entered into the final planning phase. The selected location was Pfälzer Straße in Emden, Germany. The location is particularly suitable, as it is the main gas feeding station of the city of Emden. The hydrogen electrolyser design will be based on one PEM electrolyser stack packaged in a 16 foot ISO container with a ground mounted refrigerant chiller. The plant requires just electricity and tap water to generate self-pressurized hydrogen on site. Hydrogen from the electrolyser will be injected into the natural gas grid operated by SWE.

The electricity from SWE’s grid is used for the required electrical energy source. The large wind park makes it possible for SWE to obtain electricity from renewable energy sources and, ideally, to use only surplus energy for the operation of the electrolyser.

The pre-construction includes the preparation of the installation area. Among other things, a foundation has to be built and the electrolysis container has to be protected by a fence. The fence is 10 x 15 meters and is necessary for the protection of Ex Zone 2.

The generated hydrogen is fed into the gas feed station via an underground pipeline. The hydrogen has to pass through a regulator section in which the pressure is reduced from 20 bar to 8 bar. A reduction of the pressure is necessary because SWE’s gas network is operated at 8 bar. The hydrogen then enters a mixer to mix the feed-in quantity with the natural gas.

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