Successfull scale-up of precursors and MEA manufacture

HPEM2Gas targets to develop advanced membrane-electrode assemblies for PEM water electrolysis with the following challenging targets:

  • Ultra low PGM loading (<5 mgPGM/cm2 MEA)
  • High nominal performance (1.8 V/cell @ 3 A/cm2)
  • High peak performance (2.0 V/cell @ 4.5 A/cm2)
  • Low degradation (<5 µV/h/cell)

The project MEA targets, with respect to catalyst loading and performance, were first obtained in a small (<10 cm2) single cell based on the Solvay Aquivion® E98-09S membrane, stabilised Solvay ionomer (D98-06ASX), and optimised catalysts developed by CNR-ITAE (cathode 40% Pt on C and anode: Ir0.7Ru0.3Ox). The precursors manufactured at Solvay and CNR-ITAE and the MEA manufactured at EWII have now been successfully scaled-up to enable manufacturing of medium sized (130 cm2) and full size HPEM2Gas MEAs (415 cm2). The encouraging BoL performance has been verified in small 3-4 cell stacks with the up-scaled MEAs. The completion of the MEAs for the final HPEM2Gas stack with 75 full size MEAs is on-going at EWII.

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